The perfect choice for
accessible bathrooms

Level Access is the term we use for our formers which are compatible with vinyl sheet flooring. This product is used for accessible bathrooms in a number of different sectors.

Tried and tested, our Level Access wet room floors provide the perfect gradient for water to drain away efficiently and effectively, leaving a low maintenance, easy to clean, and hygienic bathroom facility.

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all floor types – timber joists, concrete, etc.
  • Built-in fall, creating the perfect gradient
  • Rebated edges mean the overlapping joints give extra strength
  • Point load tested to over 600kg
  • Easily trimmed by up to 50mm off either edge
  • Bespoke service if stock sizes are not suitable for your space
  • Suitable for fuss free vinyl sheet flooring
  • Creates a wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • Easy to keep clean

Made to measure Level Access Floors.

A range of stock size formers are available for next-day delivery, however sometimes a project requires something just a little bit different. With a quick 5-7 working day turnaround on bespoke formers you can be sure to have the perfect former for your project without any hold ups.

Level Access
Level Access

Easy to install wet room floors.

Ideal for all floor types, whether you are creating a wet room on timber joists, concrete slab or beam and block, the OTL Level Access wet room floor former can be easily positioned into the room.

Full instructions to aid installation, as well as access to our friendly helpdesk if you need further advice, make easy work of installing the OTL Level Access.

Easy to clean.

The OTL Level Access drain is easy to keep clean. Remove the cover to access the dip tube and gully.

Level Access

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