Nov 03 2020

A wet room, reducing touch points in your business.

Wet rooms can help businesses reduce touchpoints, and make an increased cleaning schedule easier.

Nov 03 2020

A wet room, the simple solution to keeping your bathroom clean.

Cleanliness is at the forefront of peoples minds during the current covid-19 pandemic and we have been spending an extended amount of time at home. Incorporate a wet room into any home improvements you are doing to create an easy to clean, spa like experience.

Oct 08 2020

Wet Room Floors for Modular Builds

With offsite construction methods set to continue to grow in the industry, On The Level's bespoke shower floors provide the perfect solution for offsite manufacturing partners.

Aug 12 2020

The Beautiful Benefits of Bespoke

A bespoke wet room has so many benefits. Strange shape rooms and individual designs can be easily catered for, meaning you can create the bathroom of your dreams!

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