Student Accommodation

Creating a home away from home for students to relax and study.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation and University-managed Halls of Residence accommodate a large number of students and need to have the flexibility to be suitable for all. Whether the bathroom will be en-suite or shared, a wet room creates a stylish, hard wearing, easy to maintain, accessible shower solution suitable for the rising expectations of today’s students.

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Space Saving

Maximise the available space and create a larger showering area with a wet room incorporated in the design. With no need for restricting shower enclosures, wet rooms are a practical way to use the available space more effectively.

Easy to Clean

Wet rooms are well known to be easier to clean, creating a more hygienic bathroom environment for students. Most wet rooms feature large tiles which minimises the number of grout lines, the space tends to be larger, as you are not restricted by shower enclosures, making it easier to manoeuvre, and with no shower tray to collect dirt and grime, cleaning the shower area floor is simple.

Student Accommodation Bathroom

No Leaks

The specially developed OTL tanking system is 100% watertight. Even in the unfortunate event of tile damage or grouting failing, the water will still be kept under control, and will not penetrate through to the room below.

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Inclusive Design

Building regulations state that at least one wheelchair accessible bedroom is provided for every 20 bedrooms.

However, in reality, requiring an accessible room can be broader than just for wheelchair users. For those with a variety of mobility impairments having a safe room, without trip hazards is of upmost importance to making the student room comfortable.   

Wet rooms design by their very nature are more inclusive, creating a larger, step-free shower space suitable for all. 


Modern Methods of Construction

Modern methods of construction are becoming increasingly important in speeding up the timescale and reducing the cost of delivering student accommodation projects. We are proud to support this method of construction, with innovate products to help speed up timescales and create other efficiencies.

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