Simon Wilkinson – Caledonian Modular

KMC-SRM-STA-3_adjustedSimon Wilkinson – Caledonian Modular

CML have been working with James and the On The Level team for over 5 years now and their ability to deliver a quality product on time whilst incorporating our bespoke design culture has made everything really easy – we understand each other’s design constraints completely. With new machinery arriving at OTL due to their recent investment, the larger size of wet rooms will provide Caledonian with even more options.

The On The Level system can be designed to accommodate our custom needs. OTL takes the overall foot print of the wet room and produces a simple CAD sketch that can be easily understood. This is passed to our dedicated BIM Content Creator who creates a model with the necessary content. The design delivery team then simply integrates the component.

The team at On The Level are always proactive in terms of market trends and given a project challenge, when a design has been complex and deadlines have been extremely challenging, they deliver on time.

caledonian modular
caledonian modular wetroom
caledonian modular level access wet room