Luke – Morph Interior Projects

LukeLuke – Morph Interior Projects

When did I start working with On The Level? Now you are asking……it must be around 10 years ago at least! The company I was working for at the time was a specialist in bathrooms and one of the directors in particular was a bit of a bathroom guru. We’d been having problems for a while with the system we had been using – the flooring simply wasn’t strong or durable enough, the quality wasn’t consistent and we kept having issues.

We all did a lot of research and together found On The Level and decided to try working with their product instead. Their flooring and tanking system seemed idiot proof – simple and easy to use yet of very high quality at the same time. We got great feedback from the guys on site too and after the first project I was an instant convert. They even have an excellent YouTube video that our installers can watch. Over the past 10 years I’ve used lots of new teams on various projects and none have ever had a problem.

Quality and workmanship is very important for the luxury residential projects we work on at Morph  – often multi million pound homes. OTL understand that houses move and breathe and their system allows for this, unlike shower trays for example. With the OTL system, there’s simply nowhere for the water to go except down the drain.

The team at OTL are also quite superb, in fact they are absolutely brilliant. Any time I have needed something urgent or bespoke, they’ve delivered. It’s difficult to find any fault at all – I can’t really think of any.