Tom Gray – Designer at Metechno

metechno testimonialTom Gray – Designer at Metechno

We began working with OTL 18 months ago on this project, and have since worked alongside the team there on several other bathroom POD projects. We used OTL as opposed to other sub flooring contractors as they not only offer a manufactured floor fall within the board build up, but they also offer all the guidance and support we need and want from a partner.

On this project OTL supplied us with the sub floor plywood build up on all the POD types we were manufacturing, as well as continued support throughout the project with design changes as they happened.

They’re a very friendly and helpful team, and since our first project together we have developed a lifting strategy for the POD’s – On The Level have accommodated the lifting bracket design into their floor system. This has been really helpful, as now the OTL flooring system comes to our factory with notches pre-cut for the lifting strategy we use.