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I knew it made sense. Although this pod approach had not, to my knowledge, been applied to the residential market previously, the same principles applied. Why have a multitude of separate suppliers tripping over themselves in 6 separate units – electricians, plumbers, tilers and the rest – when we could use the same approach as a boutique hotel and speed up the refurbishment timetable at the same time.

I knew that OTL would be able to help with the design plans and would add a great deal of value to the overall project due to their expertise, as well as supplying the actual bathroom flooring. So, OTL were involved from the beginning of the project and helped us design the internal layout of the bathrooms as well as providing the finished bathroom floors.

You know that when you order something from On The Level it will arrive on time, correctly packaged and to an outstanding quality. The team there are cheerful, good at what they do – and more importantly, they are passionate about the products they sell which ensures they deliver a good quality product every time.

View Of Fitted Bathroom Pod
Bathroom Pods
Bedroom with Bathroom Pod