Katherine Lim – Home Owner

wetroomKatherine Lim – Home Owner

I had a clear idea of what I wanted, so I designed our family bathroom layout, including an open plan walk-in shower. I specifically then chose drainage products offering a quick and easy installation method, as I didn’t want anything complicated to have to deal with on-site.

The reason I chose On The Level is because they offered the perfect partner product – a shower former and a tanking kit – to go with my chosen shower frame.

I really loved the innovative concept of a shower drain that was hidden within a wall, plus the quick and easy installation offered by a custom-sized shower tray. The tray even had water draining slopes ready-built within it.

We were absolutely delighted with On The Level, both in terms of the product and also the customer service – it was easy to get in touch with the company and having provided them with measurements on-site, they took care of the rest. The walk-in shower works very well; there are distinct wet and dry areas in the bathroom, exactly as I envisaged at the beginning of the project.