Square Grating Wet Rooms

Square grating wet rooms

Square Drains – Square Tile Drains For Showers And Wet Rooms

A square floor drain complements a classic wet room design. It is ideal for both mosaic tiles and large format tiles. OTL square gratings are available in fine grain brushed stainless steel or superior polished chrome plate on brass. OTL offers formers suitable for square floor drains, linear channels and level access wet rooms. The complete assembly is made in the UK at the OTL factory, giving full control of the manufacturing process including bespoke design, quality control and quick delivery. See our four simple steps for design perfection below.

1The former for a square grating

  • A 24mm OTL concealed birch ply former for a square grating has a 17mm slope.
  • The latest computerised machinery guarantees all formers are supplied for a perfect easy fit.
  • Our simple, easy installation process has removed many of the complexities and costs associated with construction.
  • All OTL formers are supplied with a thirty year lifetime guarantee.

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On the Level Square Tanking Kit

2Tanking (waterproofing)

  • The OTL tanking, or waterproofing, system is a vital part of a wet room.  The flexible liquid rubber tanking system has been developed specifically to eliminate the problem of leaks from tiled floor wet room areas.
  • The tanking system can be applied to wood, plasterboard, MDF, concrete screed and most commonly used construction boards.
  • Once applied, the OTL tanking system can resist normal movement in the room and will not become brittle with age.
  • The OTL tanking compound is a solvent free and silicone compatible sealing compound for flexible sealing of wetrooms, bathrooms and showering areas prior to the application of tiling.

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3Gratings and Gullies

  • Finished in a choice of fine grain brushed stainless steel or a superior highly polished chrome plate on brass, our square gratings add the finishing touch to the aesthetics of your wet room.
  • With a choice of nine attractive designs, and with the option to create a grating with a bespoke pattern of your choice, you can let your imagination run free and add the wow factor to your wet room.
  • All standard gratings measure 150mm x 150mm with a 5mm thickness.
  • Square gratings are suitable for use with mosaic tiles or large format tiles.

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4Shower screens and doors

  • All OTL screens and enclosures are designed with a frameless, minimalist style.
  • Pleasing to the eye but functional in every sense of the word, ensuring that the highest quality and safety standards are adhered to for the benefit of you and your family.
  • The OTL range of glass screens and hardware is rigorously tested to meet European standards so that it has the versatility to be incorporated within both domestic and commercial situations.

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