Wet Room Flooring

Wet Room Flooring

Custom built wet floor and level access shower solutions.

OTL has built a distinctive reputation for manufacturing wet room formers whether standard size or bespoke. Some of the projects in which OTL has been involved have involved designing, manufacturing and rigorously testing new products before suppling them to the customer. OTL’s specialist wet floor products have been designed to tackle key problems that building contractors come across when installing a level access shower or wet room. OTL has the knowledge to create custom made products for a sensible price.

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1Complete wet floor

  • A complete made to measure interlocking flooring system incorporating a bespoke showering area with a choice of waste position using a square grating, linear grating or level access ( for vinyl sheet flooring ) finish.
  • Perfect for new build projects, although it can be used on an existing build or refurbishment.
  • It is very quick and easy to install a complete wet floor system, saving labour time on site. The floor also acts as a template to build internal walls, eliminating any chance of mis-measurement on site.
  • 24mm thick at the perimeter edge, the complete floor can be cut and trimmed easily on site if necessary for any minor adjustments.

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2Modular wet floor system

  • For any wet room design, whether square grating, long linear grating or Level access for vinyl sheet flooring, the OTL modular wet floor system is Ideal for new build projects in multiple quantity,
  • Saves an incredible amount of labour time on site.
  • No tanking drying time required on site because the OTL modular flooring units are delivered pre sealed by wet room experts in our production facility in Bedfordshire.
  • Fully guaranteed by OTL.

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3Wet rooms for epoxy resin flooring

  • Use resin to create a seamless shower area.
  • The OTL resin flooring system creates a highly resistant, hard wearing, easy-clean wet room solution.
  • OTL formers for resin floors are suitable for installation onto most rigid sub floors; including concrete slabs, block and beam, concrete plank flooring, suitable timber supported floors etc.,
  • Used mainly in high traffic shower areas, epoxy resin from Altro is robust and long lasting.

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