Nov 03 2020

A wet room, the simple solution to keeping your bathroom clean.

Cleanliness is at the forefront of peoples minds during the current covid-19 pandemic and we have been spending an extended amount of time at home. Incorporate a wet room into any home improvements you are doing to create an easy to clean, spa like experience.

Cleanliness is at the forefront of peoples minds during the current covid-19 pandemic. Keeping your distance, washing your hands, covering your mouth and nose, have all become the new normal in 2020.

Another change we have seen is an increase in the amount of time we are spending at home. Our homes have become more than where we sleep, but also where we work, socialise and teach. To ensure the extended amount of time we are spending at home is bearable, jobs to improve and update the home have been pushed to the top of the to do list.

As working from home can make relaxing at home increasingly difficult, it’s more important than ever to create a sanctuary to retreat to. A place to unwind and switch off from work or other stresses at the end of the day.

A bathroom can be the perfect sanctuary, and incorporating a wet room in the design, you can instantly feel like you are being transported to an exclusive hotel or spa retreat.

A wet room can also solve any accessibility issues for now or in the future. Maybe during your bathroom update you are thinking about future proofing your home, or have recently found mobility an increasing challenge. A level access wet room not only looks good, but gives you peace of mind.

And as we have all increased our cleaning routines, another bonus is wet rooms are generally easier to keep clean. Most feature large tiles which minimises the number of grout lines, the space tends to be larger, as you are not restricted by shower enclosures, making it easier to manoeuvre, and with no shower tray to collect dirt and grime, cleaning the shower area floor is simple.

Now all that’s left is to decide which style you like the most!

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