Nov 03 2020

A wet room, reducing touch points in your business.

Wet rooms can help businesses reduce touchpoints, and make an increased cleaning schedule easier.

Businesses have been looking at ways to stay open safely, reducing touchpoints, and increasing cleaning schedules.

In turn architects and interior designers are starting to explore how building and interior design will play a part in the long-term solution of how we use spaces such as hotels, gyms, offices and hospitals in a life where COVID-19 is present.

One such solution is the increase use of wet rooms in building design.

Well known to be easier to clean, most feature large tiles which minimises the number of grout lines, the space tends to be larger, as you are not restricted by shower enclosures, making it easier to manoeuvre, and with no shower tray to collect dirt and grime, cleaning the shower area floor is simple.

Cleaning can be made even simpler by utilising wall hung toilets and basins, with less nooks and crannies to clean around on the bathroom floors.

A key design feature of a wet room, depending on the size of the space, is that you do not always require a shower door, reducing a touchpoint to enter the shower area.

With an increase of automatic sanitary ware on the market, your whole bathroom experience could become touch free! Automatic lights upon entering the room, automatic basin taps when washing your hands, smart showers controlled by your phone or voice activated, auto-flush toilets, and even automatic soap dispensers.

To start the journey for a more hygienic bathroom for your project, explore the range and get in touch with OTL.

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