Why are wet rooms increasingly popular?

There are a number of factors which have influenced the consistent growth in the wet room market over the years. It is a trend that...

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Wet Rooms are Increasingly Popular

There are a number of factors which have influenced the consistent growth in the wet room market over the years. It is a trend that is set to continue as the popularity of open-plan living grows, alongside awareness of a wet rooms ability to offer an easy access showering space.

Wet Rooms Maximise Space

Without needing to be restricted by so many shower panels and doors the wet room creates a more open plan space. As the flooring can be continued throughout the room, the space also appears larger to the eye.

Easy to clean and maintain

With no shower trays to collect dirt and grime, the bathroom floor is easier to clean and maintain. As the room is also tanked, the area becomes completely waterproof, avoiding risk of water escaping into other rooms.

Multi-generational homes

The UK is seeing an increase in multi-generational homes, making it essential for the bathroom to be accessible for both young and old. A wet room is a modern, luxurious bathroom option and provides step free access to the shower, an ideal solution to cater for all generations.

Ageing Population

According to the Office of National Statistics, in 1999, around one in six people were 65 years and over (15.8%), this increased to one in every five people in 2019 (18.5%) and is projected to reach around one in every four people (23.9%) by 2039. The design of a wet room allows easier accessibility to showering facilities, ensuring that an ageing population can maintain its independence for as long as possible.

Disabled access

According to the AMA Research Wetroom Market Report 2019-2023 there are around 13.3 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability in the UK or around 20% of the UK population. The research report also states that although the most common disabilities affecting bathroom usage are those associated with mobility and dexterity, all types of disability are important to consider when designing inclusive products.

Having a wet room installed within a home helps towards a disabled person being able to be cared for at home for as long as possible.

Part M of the Building Regulations includes details of the fixtures to be provided within a home to make it wheelchair accessible either in the present or future.

Considering a wet room?

If you are considering joining the growing number of people creating a wet room within their homes please get in touch to discuss which style is best for you.