The perfect fit for any stylish wet room. A tile-in plate allows the chosen bathroom floor to be the star of the design.

1. OTL plywood waste support.

2. OTL Square Tile-In plywood former, 24mm thick at the perimeter edges. Manufactured with a built-in gradient creating the perfectly shaped wet room floor.

3. OTL Tanking, specifically developed to eliminate the problem of leakages.

4. Tile adhesive.

5. Tile finish.

6. Square Tile-In drainage system.

7. Tile-In plate.

Suitable For


A flexible product, suitable for a range of settings including residential, hotels and gyms.


OTL Square Tile-In formers are suitable for installation onto the majority of rigid sub-floors including concrete slab, beam and block, concrete plank flooring and timber supported floors.


Suitable for tiled floors.


OTL wet room floors are easy to install. We have to hand PDF instructions and help at the end of the phone from our friendly team.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is recommended that regular routine maintenance should be carried out at least every 3 months (this may need to be done more frequently depending on usage).

OTL provide you with all the tools you need to make regular cleaning quick and easy.

Our maintenance guide can be found in our downloads section.


Technical Drawings & Guides

For technical drawings and guides please follow this link