Feb 22 2021

On The Level and Fibo Complete The Ultimate Waterproof Test

Proving how waterproof On The Level’s wet room floor and Fibo’s wall panels really are in this ultimate 60 day test.

We are excited to share with you a video we have been working on with leading manufacturer of waterproof wall panels, Fibo. Together we have proven just how waterproof our products are, by putting them to the ultimate test. The mini wet room simulation, built using On The Level’s wet room floor former and tanking system, and Fibo’s waterproof wall panels, was filled with water and left for 60 days – with zero leaks upon return.

Sharing a common feature, our products are both made from wood! We wanted to demonstrate just how watertight these products are. The mini wet room model was filled with water and left for 60 days. Upon returning to site two months later, there were absolutely no leaks, no signs of water damage, delamination or bubbling – and the team captured this on video to prove once and for all, the waterproof capabilities of both products.

I was very confident that it was going to work,” says Scott Beattie, Managing Director at Fibo. “But it is just great to be able to visually demonstrate how waterproof our panels are, as per our market-leading 25-year warranty.

Chris Sutton, Sales Director at On The Level, said: “We are asked day in, day out, about whether a wood product is suitable for a wet environment. However, when coupled with our specifically developed tanking system we are able to eliminate the problem of leakages, and so we’re thrilled to have this concrete demonstration to show how our shower formers are completely watertight.

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To find out more about Fibo’s waterproof wall panels visit www.fibo.co.uk.