Linear Gullies


The Horizontal Gully (TSG50LN) comes as standard. You do however have the option to choose a different gully depending on your requirements.

N.B. Picture shows Horizontal TSG50LN gully

Product Options

Description Flow Rate Code
Horizontal Outlet Gully 48 LPM TSG50LN (Standard)
Vertical Outlet Gully 70 LPM TSG2LN
Deep Water Trap Horizontal Outlet 53 LPM TSG1LN
Untrapped (for use with shower pumps) 48 LPM USG1LN
Untrapped Shallow Horizontal Gully 48 LPM USG3LN
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Drawing Specification Horizontal Outlet Gully TSG50LN (STANDARD)

Drawing Specification Vertical Outlet Gully TSG2LN

Drawing Specification Deep Water Trap Horizontal Outlet Gully TSG1LN

Drawing Specification Untrapped Shower Pump Gully USG1LN

Drawing Specification Untrapped Shallow Horizontal Gully USG3LN