Level Access Gullies


The Horizontal Gully (TSG52/116) comes as standard. You do however have the option to choose a different gully depending on your requirements.

N.B. Picture shows Horizontal TSG52/116 gully.

Product Options

Description Flow Rate Code
Trapped Horizontal Outlet Gully 48 LPM TSG52/116 (Standard)
Trapped Vertical Outlet Gully 48 LPM TSG2WH
Untrapped Gully 48 LPM USG3WH
Untrapped Gully (for use with shower pumps) 48 LPM USG1WH
Anti-Ligature Cover Plate - ALGAS
Stainless Steel Cover Plate for Vertical Outlet - FGTR1
Stainless Steel Cover Plate for Horizontal Outlet - FGTR50
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Drawing Specification Horizontal Gully TSG52/116 (STANDARD)

Drawing Specification Vertical Gully TSG2WH

Drawing Specification Untrapped Horizontal Gully USG3WH

Drawing Specification Untrapped Shower Pump Gully USG1WH

Anti-Ligature Top ALGAS Brochure

Chrome Top FGTR Image