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Wet Room Help And Advice

Choosing your ideal wet room

Wet rooms are fast becoming the desired showering solution for contemporary living environments.  Our shower room formers make them practical for any space.


How to plan a wet room

The standard size for a showering area is 1200mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 900mm and 1500mm x 900mm. Also, 1700mm x 800mm is a popular size when replacing a bath with a shower area. For more on walk-in shower flooring, check out our renowned range of wet room flooring.

If you have a compact bathroom and you are thinking of creating a small square shower area, a former is available as small as 800mm x 800mm. With a shower area of this size, a simple glass enclosure should be installed to contain any splashing. 

To create a luxury, minimalist wet room without a screen, the recommended size of a showering area is 1500mm x 1500mm or larger. However this can depend on the type of showerhead being used and whether or not the shower area will include body jets which spray horizontally. Bear in mind that whilst the shower is in use excess water will splash outside the immediate showering area. This is not a problem if it is caught within the area of the former as water on the gradient will flow towards the waste outlet. If the water falls on a flat floor surface around the edge of the former, then it may sit and not drain away. So, always make sure that the fall area, i.e. former, extends to a suitable size.

Another consideration when planning a wet room is the position of it in the room. A bathroom does not have to have the wet room in the corner as is traditional with shower enclosures. An OTL wet room can be installed along a wall, in the centre of a room or at right angles to the wall. There are many options and you can be creative with design.

OTL formers can be trimmed by up 50mm without affecting the fall gradients. This is useful as it allows you to move the waste position if it collides with any under floor obstructions. However, this will affect the overall size of the former. The best approach is to measure up accurately before ordering and for unusually large and awkward shapes OTL recommend their bespoke service which will ensure that the waste is positioned accurately.

Tanking and waterproofing

Obviously it is critically important to create a 100% waterproof barrier, so maximum consideration needs to be given to waterproofing – known as ‘tanking’ – the wet room. The OTL tanking system helps you achieve a watertight environment, through applying a liquid that once cured creates a flexible waterproof membrane on floors and walls.

It can be applied to wood, plasterboard, MDF, concrete screed and most commonly used construction boards. Once applied, the OTL tanking system can resist normal movement in the room and will not become brittle with age. As it is water based, it is non-sticky and is easily applied with a brush or roller. The tanking kit contains everything to get you to tiling stage and has enough liquid to cover 12m2. Should you need internal or external preformed corners these can be supplied separately. The OTL tanking system is compatible with all under floor heating.

If you require both former and floor area, we can supply the complete floor including the showering area, with the OTL wet room flooring system. This innovative made-to-measure interlocking flooring system incorporates a bespoke showering area with a choice of waste position. The system is compatible with all OTL drain and grating designs, for example the linear drain and grating which are suited to large format tiled floors. Most types of floor construction are fine for the system including suspended timber floors, block and beam, TJI joists and cassette floors. The interlocking flooring system is suitable for vinyl sheet flooring or a tiled wet room floor so it is ideal for bathrooms, shower areas and general utility areas in sports clubs, hotels, pod modules, new builds, residential homes and other local authority buildings, as well as renovations, refurbishments and alterations.

If you are not too sure about the design of your wet room please phone our helpline. We are here to help you with any queries whether it is technical advice or help for anyone installing a wet room for the first time.