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On The Level worked with interior designer, Stacey, to create the ultimate in luxury bathrooms for her client’s project.




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Interior Architectural Designer, Stacey, established Studio 28 Interiors in 2014 with over 13 years experience in designing luxury residential, hospitality, commercial and retail properties. Studio 28 is a Hertfordshire-based boutique interior design and interior architecture studio; specialising in the creation of exceptional interiors for private residences, property developers and commercial properties across the UK and overseas. As interior architects, Studio 28’s projects go beyond traditional interior design. As Stacey explains:

We work on things you can’t see like drainage and infrastructure as well as most people’s understanding of interior design – things that you can see including soft furnishings. We will often get involved in a complete architectural redesign; stripping everything back to the shell initially, in order to achieve the desired final result for the client.

Studio 28 Interiors Case Study | INFINITY I-Line

To transform what was originally a three-bed, 2-bath flat into a luxury 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom residential apartment, incorporating a large master bedroom suite with a walk-in wet room and adjoining master bathroom. The internal architectural layout was being completely restructured and Stacey and her project builder were searching for “wet room specialists” who were ideally local-ish to the project so that they could integrate into the team and be easily available onsite as and when required.

Stacey’s builder searched online and found On The Level, who he thought would be an excellent fit, so he recommended that Stacey take a look at the OTL website. Excited by the products we offered, Stacey was particularly impressed that the site was very trade-focused and she could read through detailed specifications online – plus On The Level were local enough to fit that part of the brief too.

At this point, Stacey and the Studio 28 project team were already clear in terms of the brief and what they wanted to achieve. Stacey describes her vision for the finished wet rooms’ flooring and drainage:

I wanted something really high-end, luxurious and discreet. I liked the look of the SuperSlim Tile-In linear drainage product because of the minimal look and the ability to make the drain blend in seamlessly with the planned tiling. Little did I know what would be recommended to me…”

Studio 28 Interiors Case Study | INFINITY I-Line
Studio 28 Interiors Case Study | INFINITY I-Line

When Stacey called us to explain her brief however, we told her about the brand new, not-yet-released, On The Level INFINITY I-Line product that was just a few months away from an official launch.  Exclusive to On The Level, the INFINITY I-Line is the ultimate minimalist designer wet room flooring solution, with a hidden channel edging the wall, into which water drains discreetly over a gen­tly sloped floor. It’s designed to leave no visible drain and is the perfect choice for interior architects, designers and project managers looking for the very latest in hidden drain technology for luxury, high-end wet rooms. It fitted Stacey’s brief perfectly.

Stacey agrees:

My view as a designer is that if you can’t see the services but the functionality is 100% top quality, then that’s always the best choice and it certainly looks the smartest as far as I’m concerned.

Another aspect of the project where the On The Level team were heavily involved and extremely helpful because of our vast experience, was in discussions about the best flooring option, given the very heavy natural stone finish that was planned throughout. There were various options, including the builder screeding the floor with a fall built in.

We went for this screed option ultimately as most appropriate, but only after discussion with OTL.

The Studio 28 project managers found the team at OTL really helpful and particularly appreciated that we always go above and beyond in terms of service; going proactively to the site to discuss details with the builder, and answering any queries really patiently as this was a new, unknown product to the Studio 28 team. We were involved the whole way through and even took a sample of the INFINITY I-Line product to the site so that Stacey and the team could see, feel, and handle it for themselves….

we were 100% confident that it was going to be exactly what we wanted.