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Tileable Shower Base – Superslim Tile-In Linear & Square Shower Trays

Our linear channel products are some of our best sellers, boasting five different patterned designs and the ability to work well with large format tiles. On The Level are pleased to offer our highly polished Tile-In range, exclusive to us. This product is ideal for customers wanting a similar system as the classic linear in their wet room floor, but who are looking for something more mid-range.

The OTL Superslim Tile-In system is the perfect solution for those wanting to see more tile and less metal when they stand in their shower. That said, our Tile-In linear grating also allows the user to choose between showing off a sleek, stainless-steel finish, or the option to flip the grating over and insert tiling to keep it consistent with the rest of the shower floor.

Tile-In is available for both linear and square grating options, giving the user several style choices. The stainless-steel grate also comes in two finishes; brushed or polished, depending on taste.

The OTL Superslim CL Tile-In system is available in a variety of standard sizes for the linear channel option, namely 600-1200mm. It is also available for more bespoke projects; please contact us for more advice on this.

Why Superslim Tile-In is great.

This modern, minimalist option is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet sleek waste effect in their wet room, at an affordable price. The Superslim Tile-In linear system is slim, stylish, and can be used with tiles or left as it is for a stainless-steel finish. Tile-In square grating is much the same, giving the end user the choice of adding a tile insert, or flipping it over for a simple yet sophisticated finish.

Tile-In is made from highly polished stainless steel, giving it a timeless look for any bathroom floor, and with a flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute, this system can be used in conjunction with most showers.


Tile-In Linear Channel Stainless-Steel

Advantages for the user:

  • This product is perfect for end users who like the look of the linear tray or square grating but want a mid-range alternative.
  • Any concerns or questions just call us and you can talk to someone straight away about how it works, options, help and advice.
  • Two stunning options to choose from; tile over or flip it for a simple, minimalist, steel finish. This can also be done once the system is fitted – if you get bored of one look, simply turn it over!


Tile-In Linear Channel

Advantages for the installer:

  • The OTL Superslim Tile-In system is easy to install and comes with full instructions. What’s more, our dedicated team of advisers are on hand during working hours to help you if you do get stuck.
  • Compatible with most modern showers; flow rate capacity of up to 50 litres per minute.
  • Because of Tile-In’s design, you can offer your clients even more options, at a price they will love.



Contact the team today to find out more about the OTL Superslim Tile-In Linear and Square Grating System.