You’ll find our OTL Linear wet room floor system to be the most versatile on the market. With a wide range of stock size Linear formers to select from and different drain options. As well as a bespoke service to cater for any unique requirements.

The Linear former incorporates the perfect gradient for water to flow efficiently towards the channel, layered over with tanking, tile adhesive and tiles, leaving a stylish stainless-steel grate on show.

  1. OTL Plywood former, manufactured with a built-in gradient – directional to the channel – creating the perfectly shaped wet room floor.
  2. OTL Linear waste channel is manufactured high grade stainless steel, with a choice of grates available
  3. OTL Tanking, specifically developed to eliminate the problem of leakages.
  4. Tile adhesive
  5. Tile finish, the 2-way fall is suitable for large format tile, the bespoke only 4-way fall is suitable for large format or mosaic tiles.



Linear Channel


Available in a range of widths, with the choice of three grating styles to compliment your bathroom design.

Linear TSG50LN Gully


The Linear channel is supplied with a 48 litres per minute (LPM) horizontal gully as standard. However, you do have the option to switch to a number of other gully options.

Linear Former 2 way fall


Available in a range of stock sizes, or bespoke to suit your exact size and gully position requirements. The 2-way fall former has 50mm trimmable shoulders for the perfect fit and easy installation.

The bespoke only 4-way fall former allows for complete level access and can be used with mosaic tiles.

OTL Linear Tanking Kit


The Linear tanking kit comes with everything you need to waterproof your wet room project. For larger rooms you may need extra bits, and these tanking accessories can be purchased separately.

2-Way & 4-Way Falls

Our Linear stock formers are available as a 2-way fall option only, however a bespoke Linear former can be created as a 2-way or 4-way fall.

2-way fall: two integrated fall gradients which encourage water to move towards the drain.

4- way fall: integrated falls come from each corner of the former, and work well with larger bathroom areas.

The video explains visually the different fall options, how to work with trimmable shoulders and the tile cut finishes.

Suitable For


A flexible product, which suits a range of settings, including residential new builds or renovations, hotels, gyms, spas, and student accommodation.


The Linear former can be used on any floor build up, be it timber joists, concrete or beam and block.


The 2-way fall allows for easy tiling, with no need to mitre cuts on the tiles. It’s best suited for large format tiles.

The bespoke only 4-way fall requires you to mitre the tiles, however it can be used for both large format and mosaic tiles, providing greater choice for the end user.


Compatible with wet or electric underfloor heating.

Electric mats sit on top of our former (not laid within 300mm of waste) and wet systems (pipes with water running through them, connected to main central heating system) should be laid underneath the former.



OTL wet room floors are easy to install. We have to hand PDF instructions, an installation video, and help at the end of the phone from our friendly team.

The 2-way fall former has trimmable shoulders to allow for a perfect fit and extra support around the thinner section of the former. The 4-way fall former, doesn’t require trimmable shoulders, as it will butt up against the floor on all sides, providing complete level access.

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is recommended that regular routine maintenance should be carried out at least every 3 months (this may need to be done more frequently depending on usage).

OTL provide you with all the tools you need to make regular cleaning quick and easy.

Our maintenance guide can be found in our downloads section.

Technical Drawings & Guides

For technical drawings and guides please follow this link