Dual Outlet Formers

Dual outlet Formers

Dual Outlet Formers 

Dual or Double Outlet formers include two waste outlets within one former. It is a bespoke option which OTL has perfected over the 20 years we’ve been manufacturing wet room floor formers.

Why would I want two outlets in one shower?
A client was concerned that (in the unlikely event) the shower gully should block, water might back up from the waste. To solve their concerns, On The Level was asked to manufacturer a former which also included a linear channel drain to the wet room doorway. There were 5 wet rooms in total.

In the absolute worst case scenario, water would then be restricted and contained within the wet room. Even though it is very unlikely that a shower gully would block so badly that water would build up quickly enough to run away from the gully, this project shows our level of innovation in producing custom formers which help put the client’s mind at ease.

What we had to work with
For this type of manufacturing, we work with CAD facilities in order to design the floor to the correct measurement proposed by the interior designer or architect. In this particular case a site visit was necessary to assess the type of floor build and to measure out the formers in order to start the CAD designs.

Here are some of the original drawings supplied to OTL. Highlighted in blue is the shower area and you can also see the gullies and linear channel to the wet room doorways.

Bespoke 30mm Birch Ply

Due to the wet rooms being larger than normal, we suggested making the former out of a 30mm ply, rather than the standard 24mm. The fall could then be manufactured steeper over a longer distance, enabling a fall to be over the complete floor area (spanning over 2.6mtrs). This ensures water that lands on the floor surface drains away quickly. The increased floor gradient is able to cope with the water flow much more efficiently.

Different size linear channels were used for each of the 5 wet rooms due to the different widths of the door openings. The main shower wastes were also in different locations due to under floor obstructions in each case. Here are two examples.

Bespoke Colour Match

The waste also had to be finished in a plated black as opposed to stainless steel as part of the design requirement, so that the sleek trim to the channel blended with the floor tile colour and texture.

The waste height underfloor is also an important consideration and OTL produce drawings such as this one which provide clear indications and there are also bespoke drainage options available.

channel section 2 at door threshold

All formers, gullies and tanking were installed by the main contractor onsite with hand holding and support at all times from OTL.

Here’s one of the formers finished in the factory prior to delivery to site. The blue Arrows indicate the direction of the gradient in the former.

Customer formers with Bespoke Black Plated Drainage in position

What would the contractors have done if they hadn’t used On The Level? 

  • Probably mixed and matched products from multiple companies to try to suit this floor layout.
  • Used different trades to source different aspects of the build. For example, a carpenter to source shower former and drainage, a plumber to plumb in the drainage, a tiler may tank/waterproof the room as well as tile…. if anything unfortunate were to happen then who takes responsibility?

In our opinion it’s far better to engage a specialist manufacturer with experience of designing wet room floors before allowing works to commence on your wet room.

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