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Bespoke Apartment Wet Room Project

Bespoke Residential Apartment Projects

This luxury 5 apartment project for a property next door to Harrods, in Knightsbridge, was brought to us by a partner company called Volente Interiors – one of their suppliers’ Managing Director had worked with us before. Each apartment had a shower wet room to a custom size – so bespoke formers were needed.

On The Level were asked if we could assist in taking on what would be a bespoke project, as the end client was extremely particular and had insisted on some unique requirements for the wet room floorings, all of which were, to add a further combination, different shapes and sizes, some quite awkward and others very large.

Bespoke drawings
Bespoke drawings unit 9

The first requirement was that they wanted a linear drainage channel in each doorway as well as a primary gully underneath the shower head, to protect completely against any water escaping onto extremely expensive and bespoke flooring in the rooms outside the wet rooms themselves. This was not negotiable so we had to think outside the box and produce custom made, bespoke formers as well as drainage and tanking.

Once we have put together a floor design from the initial plans and configured the falls correctly in the floor formers, the next step was to get to site to measure up for the individual formers.

Because the formers were large (in one case 2.6m x 1.1m) OTL decided to increase the gradient from the norm, thus providing much better water flow to the gully. In the extremely unlikely case of any water flowing away from the gully this was simply an added precaution.

Once we had measured all the sizes on site the CAD team put together some drawings identifying where the gullies would be positioned. This plan also had to correspond to the joist layout underneath the floor so that the drainage would not clash with any underfloor obstructions.

The second unusual requirement from the client was that the linear channel finish could not be stainless steel or chrome as the end visual would not match the brassware (shower controls, shower head etc ) so all the drains had to be unusually finished in matt black. OTL worked alongside Volente and were able to provide this solution.

The end result is fantastic. The main contractor on the project was extremely pleased with the outcome and looks forward to working with OTL again.